#76 | David Weck - Effective Body Mechanics

David Weck is incredibly informative with his knowledge on locomotion, physiology, and strength and conditioning. David Weck is the creator of the Weckmethod, inventor of the Bosu ball, pro pulsers and the rmt clubs. David has been a multidisciplinary coach for over 20 years, training elite athletes. David goes beyond participating in the fitness industry, David is a student of movement and through this conversation and his work, it shows. David explains the weck method, his understanding of physiology, pro pulsers, effective arm swing for running and locomotion, coiling core and more.

Check him out at

https://www.weckmethod.com/ & @thedavidweck

#75 | Sally Jo - Solo Vegabonding

Sally Jo worked really hard to pursue what she believed was fulfilling. Out of curiosity, Sally set out on a solo trip across Europe which redefined her values, purpose and ambition. For photos of her trip check her out on instagram www.instagram.com/lonsomeodove