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#97 | Kevin Stokes - Swinging Maces & Making Music

Kevin stokes is a musician playing in the band, Danger Seekers.

Kevin tirelessly works away at swinging heavy maces, playing with movement, developing strength and mobility. Kevin and I talk about his career as a musician, his strength and conditioning routine and how these experiences have affected his general life. You can checkout kevin stokes on instagram (@kevin79stokes & @kevinstokesmusic). Checkout his recent album Still So Young by the Danger Seekers

#71 | Austin Langely - Comedy Cycling Adventure Across The West

Welcome to episode 71 of the becoming human podcast. This week features my guest Austin Langely, a comedian who’s on a bicycle adventure starting from Idaho stretching across mountainous washingon and coastal oregon ending in southern California. Along the way, Austin camps, stays with hosts, and performs comedy at local open mics. Austin is also raising money for world bicycle relief, the organization provides bikes to people in need in Africa. I have a penchent for those who cling to adventure and pursue challenging experiences into the unknown. If you’d like to support Austin and the world bicycle relief foundation you can checkout jokesandspokes on instagram or follow the links in the show notes. If you’d like to support the show, rate, review and share it with a friend.