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#48 | Proving Grounds pt. 2

I talk to my friends Jack, Alfred, Trevor and Drew about our preparation for a jiu jitsu tournament, proving grounds. Each of us came to the tournament with a unique mindset and level of ability. We talk on learning & focus strategies, common pitfalls while learning jiu jitsu, and the parallels in life. 

Tournaments or competition, allows us to examine our progress with social and talent feedback. Wether it's competing with fellow archers, jiu jitsu players, runners, snowboarders, etc.. we have to confront our abilities and our possibilities inspiring a moment to rise to te occasion. 

#42 | CamE - Running For Combat Veterans

Campbell Tasker is an Army Combat Veteran, Trail Runner and a founder of Running For Combat Veterans - nonprofit helping veterans that have fallen through the system's "cracks", much like herself. 

After countless surgeries, Campbell turned to running in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest for strength and solace. 
For more on Running for Combat Veterans:

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#19 Andrew of Heavyweights Light Feels

In episode 19 of The BecomingHumanPodcast, I continue to explore masculine and feminine behaviour as it relates to the individual by bringing on Andrew from Heavy Weights, Light Feels. Andrew is a competitive powerlifter, he’s creating a community for weight lifting, nutrition, and emotional development, check it out at