Where the Fuck Do You Want to Go?

Where the Fuck Do You Want to Go?

   You just follow the routine, maybe you do something you've always wanted to do on the occasion. Yet, you see these outliers on social media, Netflix or within a book. They do the things that you dream of but you close yourself off from the possibility of achieving such milestones, having tremendous adventures, honing a skill to absolute sharpness. Or maybe you don't, maybe you have no idea where you want to go, who you fundamentally are, or what you are capable of. From every moment until now, the paths that lay before you were carved from your own observations and impressions from your environment. So I ask, what defines your moments of true focus, happiness, presence, fulfillment?

Who I am To YOu

    I'm not trying to be some fucking motivational outlet to boost your inner you. I am not here to show you some static path that can lead you to some monetary success like these all stars that we admire. I'm here to scream that I have no fucking clue what this world offers, how to get it, who I am, and I don't believe that a career is a destination. I see your life, my life, everybody's lives, as something organic that doesn't have a traditional answer. Even if you are aspiring to your dream career, how do you really know if that is where you're happy? Especially if you haven't deeply explored life. I have a problem, I am in love to the point of obsession with undertaking shit that I honestly suck at and have clue about. I also have an obsession of attaining mastery in whatever I find interesting. In saying that, I can't rest after a "long day" at my meaningless job that perpetuates my financial constraints which hold me back from freely pursuing whatever I wish. I have a son that doesn't hold me back in any way, he actually builds my momentum and we teach each other. Although having a child and all the responsibilities of a single parent does constrain my time and sometimes my mobility. I think you and I overlap, you have those financial and time restrictive burdens. So in my search for the variety of different paths and building my skills, this will all be done on a realistic time frame that will mirror your own possibilities.

What I am Doing

       Every week, I'm seeking out somebody who is well versed in whatever they obsess over and I will tackle whatever that is. If it is something that I particularly enjoy, than I will commit time to it weekly and if it is not something that clicks with me, after one month, I will drop it. This will give you options and a wide perspective so you can pursue things that might not have worked for me because this isn't a story about me, this is a story about becoming, about the pursuit of self. By now I know you might be thinking, "who the fuck is this guy," or "why should I delve into the moments of a guy who hasn't wowed me in some fascinating way." That is the necessity of the power of this story. If I wowed you, if I was some noteworthy motherfucker, I would be a person you'd aspire to, not the guy that is basically on the same level as you. What makes me potentially different and meaningful in your life, is that I have problem, I can't settle with the mundane, the predictable patterns within traditional life, I am hungry and it never goes away. So again I ask, what defines your moments of true focus, happiness, presence, fulfillment? Any suggestions, drop a comment below!

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