#65 | Guest Post - " Spontaneous Sundays With AllOne Ep.18 featuring Drip 'N' Drive "

This week, I'm guest posting Allone's show, Spontaneous Sundays. It's an improv hip-hop show staring AllOne, DJ's and other MCs.  

Spontaneous Sundays is a weekly series I created in an attempt to continue creating with people and communicating through improvisational art. It is a no-ego, no-frills, no bells, no whistles, "warts-and-all" exploration and celebration of freestyle rapping and the incredible experience of spontaneous creation. The series is going to be a presentation of some cyphers I will be having weekly with friends both new and old of various artistic disciplines from all walks of life.

Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo www.allonevoice.bandcamp.com www.reverbnation.com/allonevoice www.soundcloud.com/allonevoice www.facebook.com/allonevoice www.allonenetwork.blogspot.com

#64 | AllOneVoice - Hip-Hop

In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with Bruce Pandolfo, he’s a writer, poet and upcoming hip-hop artist. He runs a weekly freestyle hip-hop video series on youtube, spontaneous sundays. Watching someone riff - coming up with material on the spot is wild. When it’s done well, the energy is electric and you get to see someone as they are. Every AllOneVoice album I hear from Bruce is exponentially surprising with his growing talent, emergent writing style and word play. You can find him on Bandcamp, Youtube and social media as allonevoice.




#63 | Austin Daffron & Alfred Murillo - Jiu-Jitsu & Improvement

Some people spend their whole lives pursuing mastery of a craft, doing whatever it takes to play, perform and evolve.

Austin Daffron is a fascinating Jiu-Jitsu athlete, in his early twenties he positioned himself to spend most of his time doing the things he loves rather than being caught-up in a conventional career. From the outside, you’d think Austin was lucky, however he is tenacious and very analytical which lends itself to unique opportunities within any endeavor.

Alfred Murillo has committed a great deal of himself to Jiu-Jitsu, in the name of pursuing what excites him. He is voraciously integrating technique and is an assistant professor for kids Jiu-Jitsu at Livewire MMA.

We speak with Austin about his approach to Jiu-Jitsu, Learning new technique, competing, strategy, and being effective.

Find Austin Daffron on social media: @duck_jitsu

Find Alfred Bobojinski on social media: @bobobajinski

#61 | Zach Bitter - Ultra Runner

Zach Bitter is an endurance athlete, coach and nutrition specialist. Zach has broken the World record for running the furthest distance in 12 hours ( 101.66 miles) and he set a new American record for fastest 100 mile time of 11:47:21.

With a curiosity for his own limitations, Zach has dedicated his life to endurance running and nutrition. He started off as a High School teacher running races and training in his free-time. Through the pursuit of excitement, he left his job as a teacher to pursue running and peripheral disciplines full-time. Zach is a reminder of building your life around what excites you and over time, most people on that path will encounter new and unexpected opportunities.

We often hold people who've achieved great accomplishments at arms length, however, all of our ambitions are within arms reach with clever thinking, diligence, and effective learning. 

Subjects discussed; Nutrition, what drove Zach to break records, Zach's motivations to compete, how to transition to a career athlete, pursuing excitement, and more.

For more on Zach,  https://zachbitter.com/

#58 | Two Missionaries and A True Crime Auctioneer

What makes somebody commit atrocities and how do we handle that as a species? This question, at once, fascinates me and causes me to shutter. My pal Andrew Dodge, interviews criminals of all backgrounds and auctions there artwork/artifacts. Andrew has a genuine curiosity to observe the macabre and is often misunderstood. Looking past any assumptions and you’ll see a curious and thought provoking fella. You can check him out at www.truecrimauctionhouse.com

During our podcast, we had a knock at the door - missionaries from the Church of Latter Day Saints. I invited them on the podcast. I was curious if they could see beyond their presumptions and maintain an open mind.

You can check them out at:  https://www.lds.org/?lang=eng

#48 | Proving Grounds pt. 2

I talk to my friends Jack, Alfred, Trevor and Drew about our preparation for a jiu jitsu tournament, proving grounds. Each of us came to the tournament with a unique mindset and level of ability. We talk on learning & focus strategies, common pitfalls while learning jiu jitsu, and the parallels in life. 

Tournaments or competition, allows us to examine our progress with social and talent feedback. Wether it's competing with fellow archers, jiu jitsu players, runners, snowboarders, etc.. we have to confront our abilities and our possibilities inspiring a moment to rise to te occasion.