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#58 | Two Missionaries and A True Crime Auctioneer

What makes somebody commit atrocities and how do we handle that as a species? This question, at once, fascinates me and causes me to shutter. My pal Andrew Dodge, interviews criminals of all backgrounds and auctions there artwork/artifacts. Andrew has a genuine curiosity to observe the macabre and is often misunderstood. Looking past any assumptions and you’ll see a curious and thought provoking fella. You can check him out at

During our podcast, we had a knock at the door - missionaries from the Church of Latter Day Saints. I invited them on the podcast. I was curious if they could see beyond their presumptions and maintain an open mind.

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#42 | CamE - Running For Combat Veterans

Campbell Tasker is an Army Combat Veteran, Trail Runner and a founder of Running For Combat Veterans - nonprofit helping veterans that have fallen through the system's "cracks", much like herself. 

After countless surgeries, Campbell turned to running in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest for strength and solace. 
For more on Running for Combat Veterans:

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#39 | Meditations

In this minisode, I explore meditation and it's effects on my life from managing my emotions to pursuing the thoughts, values and ideas that resonate with me.

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